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Japanese Lopsided Large Ceramic Candle


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Japanese Lopsided Large Ceramic Candle

Black large candle.jpg
Black large candle.jpg

Japanese Lopsided Large Ceramic Candle


Our new lifestyle range consists of candles using ceramic made from Japan. Originally designed to be a tea cup, we've turned it into a candle that is perfect to be reused as a cup afterwards. It is perfect for all homes and minimalist lovers. Practical candles that contribute to a life well lived.

Care instructions: Wash well with hot soapy water to remove all remaining wax.


Lemon Myrtle
Generally found in tropical parts of Australia. This light blend is refreshing mix of lemon citrus and fresh herbs

Crystal Waters (Sold Out)
Calming fusion of mixed melons, sea salt spray, palm leaf. A candle that reminds you of a much needed tropical getaway

Cherry Blossom
Escape to cherry blossom season with beautiful notes of red currant, pomegranate, cherry blossom and floral scents of magnolia and orchid

Coconut & Lime Zest
The irresistible classic, ultimate refresher. Fusion of coconut and lime paired with a luscious vanilla. If you love our Island Dreams candle, you'll love this.

Grapefruit and Lime
A refreshing burst of flavour to the home. This candle has notes of persian lime, juicy grapefruit, mangoes, and hints of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon

Woodland Delights
Relax and rest with the rich musk and woody flavours of amber, and a harmonious blend of lavender and orange zest.

  • Hand-Poured in Melbourne

  • 100% Cotton Wick

  • Paraffin Free / Lead free

  • 100% of 250g Natural Soy Wax

  • Weight : Approx 310g

  • Approx 45-50 hours of burn time

  • Ceramic made in Japan

Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Note: Each individual candle varies in look as they have been made by hand, no ceramic cup has been made exactly the same

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